New in Quboo: Find your Technical Debt

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Now the Ranking pages in Quboo include a simple button that will help you find your Technical Debt easily. Those issues are also the ones that will give you score when you fix them during the campaign.

This is the best way to find out what are the targeted code violations during the active campaign.

Once you access the filtered issues, remember to assign to you the ones you want to fix. They are by default assigned to the person who introduced it.

Assigning issues
Assigning issues

How to make it work

There is a new field in the Administrator’s Settings page that you need to configure to get this feature working: your Sonarqube’s Server URL.

Sonar URL in settings
Sonar URL in settings

Note that this URL does not need to be accessible from the Internet. It’s just to set up the links when you are navigating within Quboo. Let us insist on this: Quboo does not access your Sonar server at all.

If you don’t configure this setting, you’ll also find the links but they’ll point to a non existent URL (with a placeholder).

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