Zapier Integration

Connect Quboo to multiple applications

Zapier -> Quboo

Zapier provides workflows to automate the use of web applications together. It is often described as a translator between web APIs.

We have developed an integration for Zapier that allows you to use Quboo as an Action. That means you can connect all the supported web applications to trigger a score action in Quboo.

Start using the Quboo Integration in Zapier right now.

Zapier Quboo Gamification
An example of a Quboo Zap

If you need help with any of these integrations don’t hesitate to contact us!

Gamify Releases in GitHub or GitLab

Connect one of these tools to Quboo and create a Zap to give score to team members who take care of releases.

Hint: Use the GitHub’s New Release trigger or Gitlab’s New Commit with some modifications.

Use Gamification with Confluence to reward people writing documentation

Connect Confluence to Quboo to give score to those contributing to your organization’s documentation.

Add gamification to your organization’s blog

Running an organization’s blog and want to encourage people to participate? Connect apps like Wordpress to Quboo and give your authors some score each time they publish a new blog post.

Use Gamification with JIRA and give score to players after they complete a task

Connect a JIRA trigger for a completed task and link it to the Add Score action in Quboo to apply gamification to this platform.

But remember: avoid using gamification for all your tasks. People might see it as exploitation. Gamification works better for tasks such as refactoring, documentation, fixing technical debt, rewarding innovative ideas, etc. Therefore, you might want to use a filter for your JIRA trigger.

Share your integrations with us!

Did you come up with a good idea to gamify one of your processes with Zapier? Please share it with us! We’ll post your success story on this site with a link to your organization’s page.

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