Slack Worfklows

Gamify your automated processes with Slack and Quboo

Quboo steps for Slack workflows

Have you tried already Slack Workflow Automations? It’s a great way to get things done without leaving Slack.

You can build workflows to automate tedious tasks, for example. Even better, you can have these flows bring some extra fun with the Quboo Steps to give some score for:

  • Reporting bugs internally
  • Documenting decisions
  • Following the right process to send requests
  • etc.

How to add gamification to a Slack Worflow with Quboo

First, make sure your Slack team has this feature enabled, and it’s available for all the team members. Check the Slack’s help page for more information. In that same page, you can also learn all the basics about this feature.

The Quboo Slack App adds an extra step option that you can use in the Workflow Builder - Give Score. It’s an action that you can configure after other actions or triggers.

Give Score Step
Use the 'Give Score' Quboo step in the Workflow Builder

As an example, if you want to encourage people to submit forms, you can give some score to the user who submitted it, as in the screenshot above.

Example Use Cases

We recommend using Gamification with Quboo for the processes that doesn’t seem to have much participation from users, either because they’re seen as boring or in general there’s no intrinsic motivation. These are the ones where adding some fun can help significantly.

In the screenshot below, you can see an automated workflow where users get score for reporting a bug internally.

A workflow example - Report Bug
Report Bug, a workflow using Quboo

There are many other processes where you can try Quboo: decision making, meeting notes, solving questions from customers, etc.

Do you have a success story, or some feedback to share with us? Please let us know!

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