Quboo Slack App

Using gamification and kudos via Slack, easy and simple.

A simple gamification app for Slack

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The Quboo app for Slack is an independent integration that you can play without a Quboo account.

The basic functionalities are extremely simple to use:

  1. Install the slack app in your Slack workspace.
  2. Invite the Quboo bot to any channel where you want to use the app.
  3. React with the :arrow_up: ⬆️ emoji to any message, and the person who posted it will get 10 points. If that person is not yet in Quboo, the app will create a new player automatically.
  4. At the end of a campaign (the default duration is 7 days), the player with the highest score becomes the winner of that campaign. You can check the ranking directly from Slack, or at quboo.io with your own team link for a better visualization.

Use cases

This simple emoji reaction game gives you many possibilities, for example:

  1. Recognition / Kudos. Use it to encourage people help each other by showing appreciation to their colleagues. A simple emoji reaction does the trick, you don’t need to create specific messages or write forms for that.
  2. Contests. Have fun organizing your own competitions for the best virtual party guest, the coolest videoconference background, etc.
  3. Spice up boring processes. Do you need to do some maintenance that nobody wants to take? Tedious documentation or forms? Create a Slack channel for any boring process, invite Quboo, and react with ⬆️ when people complete these tasks. At the end of the campaign, make sure you value the work of the winners!
  4. Idea channel. Let people post their improvement ideas to a channel and allow everybody to give score to the best ones. Keep this initiative as a recurrent contest with Quboo Campaigns.

The only limit is your imagination! Did you use Quboo for something fun? Share it with us.

Claiming an account

Using Quboo in Slack is possible without creating any account at quboo.io. However, there are some limitations like the creation of teams or adjusting the campaign duration.

To allow our Slack users access to these extra settings, we give the possibility to one of the Slack players to register an account and become the Quboo account administrator. Run the /quboo claim command after you install the Quboo Slack app to get a claim code that you can use to link your data to the Quboo account. Then, you can:

  • Assign players to teams and start using the Team Rankings for some collective fun.
  • Change the campaign duration (e.g. to match it with your organization sprints).
  • Use other game integrations like Sonarqube, Zapier, or the APIs.

Workflow Builder integration

The Quboo Slack app supports can be integrated with Slack Workflows, giving you extra super-powers to build any gamified process you can think of.

Check the Quboo Slack Workflows page for more details.

Installing the Quboo Slack App

You just need to press the button and follow the fun:

Add to Slack


We limit the data we store in our servers to the minimum for the features to work. We store the Slack user’s full name to display it in the leaderboards, and the email as a unique identifier across integrations. We don’t use these emails with commercial purposes, or contact the players in any other way apart from Slack messages. Check the Privacy Policy for all the details.