Release Game Mode

Apply gamification to achieve Continuous Deployment and improve your ways of working

With Quboo, you can also gamify your Release process. This can help you solve a few questions:

  • How to encourage people to make continuous releases? When you release your software, there might be risks (e.g. downtime, errors, etc.). This is the reason for some people to be afraid of taking the responsibility but then the features get stuck until somebody starts the process.
  • How to improve some release management KPIs like On-Time Delivery? These KPIs can be used to track your improvement progress.
  • How to reduce the release time?

Gamification for your release process

If you have your release process controlled by an automated system, Quboo gives you the ability to gamify it in a very simple way.

  1. Jane Doe tested a new feature and it’s working fine. She pushes the code to master.
  2. A new pipeline is triggered in the system, the feature is moved to production.
  3. Jane Doe gets 50 points for that release. The more releases she or her team does, the bigger the chance to win at the end of the Campaign.

Your release process may look different or not be that straightforward. That’s not a problem at all: you can always integrate Quboo as a pipeline step right after your deployment step.

Continue reading CLI integration to learn how to put this into practice.

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