Public Link

Your players can access Quboo without creating an account

How do my players access Quboo?

In Quboo, there aren’t player accounts. When you create an account, you become the administrator of an Organization.

Each organization has a Public Link. This is a private URL that gives access to the rankings from a browser, without needing to log in.

You can find your Public Link in the Settings section in your Quboo Account. Share this link with the (potential) players, so they can access the rankings anytime.

Public Link

It’s better not to share this link outside your organization. Anyone accessing this URL will be able to see your leaderboards.

Show it on screen

If your organization has some screens around the office, another option is to display Quboo leaderboards there. This is a good idea since it will make Quboo more visible and encourage participation.

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