Game Modes

Have fun while you fix technical debt, perform releases, write documentation, etc.

Game modes in Quboo

You can integrate Quboo with multiple tools depending on what your goals are. Based on our experience, we have focused the platform on some main areas but the limit is your imagination.

Technical Debt with Sonar

The first core functionality in Quboo. SonarQube is a well-known tool to measure code quality and technical debt and can be integrated with Quboo via a simple plugin.

This Game Mode helps you get rid of your technical debt by giving some extra motivation to developers to fix the issues found during your analysis.

Players are automatically synchronized with the tool so you only need to assign them to teams in Quboo. Then, when people fix issues classified as legacy code, they get score for that.

Read more about this game mode and how to play it in the section Sonar Integration.

Deployment - The Release Game

It’s hard to encourage people to follow Continuous Deployment’s good practices. You should move to production your changes as fast as possible but some people are afraid of the potential risks or they are not familiar with the process.

Quboo has a generic integration called the Quboo CLI script for CI tools. You can hook this script in your Deployment Pipeline and assign score automatically when somebody finishes a release.

  • Do you have a boring release process? Spice it up with Quboo.
  • Are changes waiting in branches because somebody is too scared to click that button? Try some gamification.

Check the full details in The Release Game


Another element of the daily work that can benefit from gamification is writing documentation. Not everybody likes spending time in writing down what the outcome of your last meeting was or why you chose a design alternative over a different one. However, keeping some basic documentation is essential.

If you maintain these docs in a repository, following a “Documentation as Code” approach, you can also integrate the Quboo CLI script to give some recognition and motivation to those contributing to your documentation.

Check more details about this use case in The Documentation Game

Other Game Modes

Since we opened our Score API to our users the only limit to create games supported by Quboo is your imagination. Check the Zapier, API and CLI integration pages for more information.

Keep in mind, however, that you should not create a game that may lead to exploitation or frustration in your teams.

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