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Discover how you can use Gamification with Quboo

The Quboo gamification platform provides some built-in game modes on top of the Sonarqube and Slack integrations. Additionally, you can use Zapier, Slack Workflows and the API integration to boost motivation within your teams with your own gamified processes.

Let’s have a quick look at the different possibilities that Quboo brings to your organization. You can also find more details about each of the game modes in their corresponding documentation pages.

Pay your technical debt with Sonarqube

This is the first game we built in Quboo. SonarQube is a well-known product to measure code quality, technical debt, potential security issues, and much more.

Reasons to add Gamification to Sonarqube

Many IT organizations share a common problem: these Sonarqube issues pile up, becoming a topic that nobody seems to take care of. These issues flagged by Sonarqube are real risks:

  • Bad code practices that may lead to bugs under certain conditions,
  • Security vulnerabilities that hackers may exploit,
  • Lack of tests which may end up with bugs going directly to production,
  • Complex code that is extremely hard to maintain,
  • etc.

The reasons why these issues keep increasing may vary between different organizations. It seems clear that there are always good intentions because, after all, Sonarqube was installed and configured to run the code analysis. The usual suspects of this problem are:

  1. Lots of pressure on the teams, which eventually leads to poor code quality and shortcuts.
  2. Lack of ownership around Software Quality matters.
  3. Developers don’t feel motivated to fix the Sonarqube issues because that’s boring.

Good news is that Quboo can help your organization getting back to proper software quality practices.

Integrating Quboo with Sonarqube

Quboo integrates with Sonarqube to help your organization improve the source code quality and robustness by boosting motivation. Therefore, it focuses on the third usual suspect listed above, by spicing up the process of fixing issues.

Additionally, this game mode also contributes to improve your development processes. By organizing a game around the topic, you’ll be highlighting the importance that software quality has in your organization.

The Sonarqube game mode is very simple and is fully automated via a plugin you must install on your Sonarqube server. Read more instructions in the Sonarqube Plugin page.

The players are created automatically, and the score is based on the severity and the technical debt you fix. To define what issues are really technical debt and not bad code practices you just introduced in the code, this game requires you to define a “Legacy Date”. Read all the details in the Sonarqube Integration page.

Simple Kudos/Gamification in Slack

The Quboo Slack app connects the popular messaging platform with the gamification engine. You can do a lot of other cool stuff with the Slack app, but the built-in game gives you plenty of possibilities without needing to configure anything at all.

Reasons to add Gamification or a kudos system to Slack

In these times when remote working has become a regular alternative to being in the office, you may spend a lot of time in messaging platforms. Some people hate this because they consider it a waste of time, but it’s actually the main way some organizations have for people interactions.

Therefore, it’s essential that people are willing to help each other, to unblock certain tasks or to just offer answers where needed. If your organization values only completed tasks as a measure of productivity, you’re falling into a trap. There are important individuals and teams who might not deliver much “direct business value”, yet they’re enabling and boosting others to achieve their objectives.

You may also want to encourage team members to participate in the community by organizing activities over the messaging platform, for which it would be great if people can vote their favourite contributions.

Additionally, you may want to reward when someone finds a nasty bug before publishing a new release of your product. Or they complete a boring maintenance task. There are many use cases where a leaderboard and some other gamification techniques could help when you think about it.

The Quboo Slack integration for gamification/kudos

The basic functionality in the Quboo Slack app gives score to a user when another person reacts with a given emoji (⬆️) to their message. The only thing you need is to invite the Quboo Bot to the channel where you want to enable it. That’s it. Simple, but powerful:

  • Give Kudos as appreciation for people that helped you with a valuable answer or with the time to explain to you how something works.
  • Organize online contests and vote for the best comment, picture, etc.
  • Vote for the best ideas for a given challenge.
  • etc.

All this with a simple emoji reaction. The players are created automatically, and the rankings are directly accessible via Slack. For a better visualization, you get a public link to a Quboo leaderboard that you can share with others.

Check the Slack Basic Integration page for more details.

Apart from simple emoji reactions, you can add gamification to any Slack Workflow you already have or plan to create. To know more details about Workflow integrations, check this other document.

Create your own games

Quboo is more than some ad-hoc use cases for gamification; it’s a Gamification Platform. That means you can create your own games and boosts motivation in areas where it’s hard to do so.

How can you do that? It’s easy with some additional integrations we provide:

  • Zapier. You can hook any of the integrations in this popular platform to Quboo’s Zapier Integration.
  • API. Quboo offers a REST API you can use from your own tools or scripts. Create players and give score with just a few HTTP calls.
  • CLI. Download the CLI (available as a Docker image) for an even simpler integration with CI/CD tools.
  • Slack Workflow. Workflows are a very powerful way to connect tools and create your own automated processes within Slack. You can add a Quboo step to spice these processes up and reward positive behavior.

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