Documentation Game Mode

Apply gamification to encourage people write technical documentation

Writing documentation, especially technical, is normally not the preferred task of a software developer. It can be boring because, once you have solved a problem, you may not want to spend time in writing down the problem description and the solution. However, that is a major problem since there is no knowledge transfer and a lot of design ideas and agreed decisions are completely forgotten.

Get score for writing documentation

Quboo introduces a nice mechanism to compete with others while you improve your documentation. Same as for the Release process, you can use Quboo to assign score automatically to people who contribute to a documentation repository. The only thing you need is a simple Pipeline in your CI/CD or repository management system.

Although you can integrate mostly anything via the Score API, the Documentation Game Mode is easier to implement when you have your documentation in a source code repository. This way, you can use automated triggers when you merge your docs to the main branch.

There are many available templates for documentation repositories. Check for example this reference for more details.

How to implement the game

The easiest way to implement the game is by adding a new job at the end of your pipeline that gives score to the person who committed new content. Continue reading CLI integration for more details.

Another option is to use the API directly, or combine both approaches. The Practical Architecture template in Github uses Travis to introduce gamification in the documentation process and it does it with some scripting as you can find in the travis.yml file.

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