Create your game

Quboo offers flexibility for you to create games for your own processes

Quboo is a simple gamification platform that opens multiple interfaces for you to connect your processes for which you want to use gamification.

Built-in games

With the Sonarqube integration, you can motivate people to get rid of technical debt, fix security issues, etc. Adjust the settings offered by this integration to focus on different areas or specific projects.

The Quboo Slack app opens multiple possibilities. Slack users get score if other users react with a speficic emoji to their messages. You can use it as ‘Kudos’ or create your own contests.

Advanced integrations

The Quboo Integration for Zapier can connect hundreds of different applications to Quboo. Do you want to apply Gamification to JIRA, Asana, Confluence, Github, Survey tools, etc.? Easy, just choose a trigger and pick our Quboo actions.

Quboo also integrates with Slack Workflows. This powerful tool can also connect multiple actions in Slack in an automated way. With the Quboo steps, you can add gamification on top of it.

Our API, and the Command-Line Interface tool, give you the options to deeply integrate Quboo as you may want, without requiring any other external tool.


Just the fact of winning a campaign is an excellent positive booster for all of us. Anyway, if you want to make it more fun, you can set some giveaways and prizes for the winners.

Usually, there is no need to make it a big prize. Think of a custom mug, a nice t-shirt…

Avoid frustration

Keep in mind that gamification works better for tasks that are not intrinsically fun. Therefore, avoid creating a game that may lead to exploitation or frustration of your teams.

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