Organize Teams

You can create Teams in Quboo to encourage participation

Organizing Players in Teams

When you log in as a Quboo administrator (which means you have a Quboo account), you can create your teams in the Organizer section. This enables the Multiplayer mode, which is a great fun booster and helps bond the teams.

Team Organizer

Creating teams

To create a team, scroll to the bottom of the column Manage Teams, enter the team name and press Create.

Assign players to teams

Once you have your players loaded into Quboo, you can assign them to any existing team by selecting the team from the list located in every player’s row.

Note: If you change the team of a player in the middle of a campaign, all the score already assigned to that player during the campaign will count on the team where they belonged before the change. Only the new fixed issues will compute for the new team’s total score. This is to keep it a fair game.

Deleting teams

You can delete teams only if they are empty. To remove players from teams, go to the players that are currently assigned to that team and assign them to another one, or leave them without a team.

The deleted teams can still show up in the ranking for the current campaign if they have score.

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