Restart the game to allow everybody to compete

In Quboo, you organize the game in Campaigns. A Campaign is a period of time where everybody starts with zero score and compete to be the one with the highest score at the end of the campaign.

Campaigns in Quboo are sequential. Your next campaign will start the day after the current campaign finishes. You don’t need to worry about generating new Campaigns. When a campaign is about to finish, Quboo will generate new ones for you based on your Campaign Settings.

Campaign Settings
Campaign Settings

Campaigns and Legacy Date Goals

When you play the Sonar game mode, you can configure your goal. There are two different methods to determine what your Legacy Date is:

  • Sliding. This is the default method, and the legacy date will be calculated by as the day when the campaign starts minus the specified number of days. As an example: if the campaign starts on 27/10/2019 and the ‘Days before the Campaign’ setting is 90, the Legacy Date will be set to 29/07/2019 and only the Sonar issues created before that date will count for the score.
  • Fixed date. In this case, you can set the Legacy date by yourself and doesn’t change between campaigns.

This is a very brief summary of how these settings work. You should read the Legacy Date page to get more details on how to play the Sonar game mode.

Previous Campaign Results

When a given campaign finishes, you can check what the results where in the Leaderboard pages (Solo and Multiplayer).

Previous campaigns
Accessing previous campaign results

Organize Teams
Sonar Plugin Connection

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