Assigning issues in Sonar

Set your goals in Sonar and get score after you fix them

Assigning Issues

To play the Sonarqube game in Quboo, your need to log in to SonarQube with an account. Some organizations do not configure this and allow anonymous access. In this case, please check with your Sonar administrator for them to enable user login, there are several options including GitHub authentication. Check the official documentation for more help.

Then, find the issues that you want to fix and assign them to you. This is how Quboo knows that you are fixing legacy code, since your user is mapped to a Player. Quboo helps you find what are the issues that will give you score during the current campaign: just click on the button “View in Sonar” (note: this feature only works if your Quboo admin already set up the Sonar’s base url in Quboo Settings).

View issues in Sonar

The most common mistake when you start playing Quboo is that you forget to assign yourself the issues. Keep this in mind so you don’t miss any points!

Assigning issues

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