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Quboo is a Gamification Platform for IT organizations. It integrates with Sonarqube, your CI/CD tools and any other process to help you get rid of technical debt, improve releasing processes, write better documentation and much more.

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How does Quboo help your organization?

Improve code quality and save time

Improve code quality and save time

Be more productive by getting rid of your legacy code. Quboo's Code Quality game encourage developers to fix issues and make your code more readable and maintainable. Save time by avoiding bugs on production.

Release more often

Release more often

With the Continuous Delivery game, your organization decreases time-to-market and you can reward those who take the responsibility of driving the Release process.

Encourage people to write docs

Encourage people to write docs

Writing documentation might seem boring for a lot of people, especially developers. Quboo makes those tasks more enjoyable with game elements so people feel more motivation to complete these docs.

Bound your team

Bound your team

In Quboo, people can also compete in teams. This helps people collaborate with each other with a goal that is at the same time good for everybody and fun.


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